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Teeth Whitening

No matter how well a patient maintains a rigorous brushing and cleaning schedule for his or her teeth, eventually some staining and yellowing will appear. The discoloration can result from the aging process, certain beverages such as coffee and wine, smoking, and a range of other causes. Unfortunately, stained teeth can mar the appearance of an otherwise beautiful smile. This is why Dr. Rockson offers Zoom® teeth whitening at his South Orange, New jersey practice. This teeth whitening treatment drastically improves the appearance of teeth in just one appointment, providing our patients with a less invasive way of achieving a makeover.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Zoom® is one of the most effective teeth whitening methods available today! You need only make a single cosmetic dentistry appointment for your teeth whitening at our South Orange, New Jersey office; the entire procedure is often completed in under an hour. And Zoom® has been shown to whiten teeth by up to nine shades! By shining a special light on the Zoom® teeth whitening gel, Dr. Rockson can make your dreams of a brighter, whiter smile come true. To learn more about Zoom® teeth whitening in South Orange, New jersey, contact our cosmetic dentist today!